About Carlisle's EPDM-Reinforced Geomembrane

Carlisle’s EPDM-R is an  elastomeric waterproofing liner for use in recreational, commercial aquaculture and industrial water containment applications. The membrane is specifically formulated for long-term use in buried or exposed geomembrane applications. Carlisle’s EPDM-R has a wide variety of applications including the lining of agricultural waste water containment, commercial and industrial reservoirs, catch basins, stormwater retention ponds, canals and aquaculture, including fish hatcheries.

J-Tear Protection •  Carlisle‘s GeoTough EPDM is the only brand that will consistently give you the added benefit of J-Tear protection. With J-Tear protection the sheet will consistently tear in the direction of the cut for a short distance and then it will change direction and attempt to curve back on itself. This direction change is critical during the membrane installation process. As the installer works around protrusions, the J-Tear stops the membrane from tearing as they install the sheet. With the competitor’s membrane, the tear will continue down the length of the membrane. See Carlisle's GeoTough EPDM J-Tear Test Video

• Superb elongation and lay flat characteristics • Excellent low temperature impact resistance • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation • Low water vapour permeance and water absorption • Quick seaming process - no specialized or expensive tools required • 20 year material warranty available